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We strip "NO" of the meaning we have always attributed to it to clothe it with a new concept, 'no is fine,' where saying no is no longer just a denial but identity and expression, a powerful tool that allows us to focus on our path, to pursue our passions with commitment, and to achieve excellence.

The same mindset is reflected in our approach to design. We are the result of perseverance: the only obstacle between us and our goals is time, which we embrace as a challenge and a source of inspiration.

The Nostas watch becomes a tangible symbol of this perseverance, a partner that reminds us to keep saying no to be authentic.

Behind every no is a deeper yes to what we truly want. Say "NO" to anything or anyone that hinders you from your goals.


An innate passion for design and a profound aesthetic awareness form the cornerstone of our philosophy, shaped by the rich artistic and craftsmanship heritage of our country, spanning centuries of history and culture. 

What drives us is the quest for new stimuli and influences from around the world, which translate into inspiration for our creations.

Each watch is the result of a real-life experience personally lived by Francesco, a connoisseur of good taste and details.

Our ability to effortlessly navigate between contexts such as architecture, art, and industrial design enables us to imbue our watches with a harmonious balance and a sense of timeless beauty.