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Sharp lines, edgy geometries, dramatic contrasts of light and texture all shout out the rough-edged design of a steel monolith with a proper brutalist character.

Audace swings open the doors to a new kind of modernity, favouring strong shapes and ditching the classic aesthetic canons.


This brutalist vibe, which has influenced a bunch of design sectors like automotive, can be seen in the Ferrari Modulo concept car unveiled by Pininfarina in collaboration with Ferrari at the Geneva Motor Show back in 1970.

By stripping away unnecessary frills and focusing on simple shapes, we keep on hunting for that authentic, identity-driven design expression.


Solid volumes, bold and square shapes of the case fuel our creative process, blending functionality, geometries, and beauty at its core.

Our challenge?

Nailing the perfect mix of geometries. Over time, we've crafted a form study that flips off any preset rules.

The result?

We fused the octagonal case with the smooth, curvy bezel through a sweet dialogue between shapes.