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be bold

The new collection, Audace, perfectly embodies our philosophy of "NO IS FINE". Audace is the expression of determination in pursuing one's dreams. Boldness drives us to go beyond conventional boundaries and explore new paths, seeking opportunities where others see only obstacles.

A journey of audacity.

Concept, research and design are our milestones, which over time have enabled us to give life to the new Audace collection, born after years of study, attempts and experience in the watchmaking sector.

Nostas Audace is an invitation to share values of uniqueness and personality through a watch that symbolizes our journey, a tribute to perseverance and audacity.


Our challenge was to find a balance between geometries. Over the years, we have developed a study of form that breaks away from any preconceived rules.

The result was the fusion of the octagonal case with the sinuous circularity of the bezel, thanks to a dialogue between forms in which play and character dominate.
The design of the case leaves away all preconceptions and rationality in favour of a growth mindset, made possible over time through perseverance and boldness.
Our collection is much more than a name. It is a mindset.

Be bold.  Be Nostas.